Griffin - Survivor Adventure Case for iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus


Drop-protected, choose-your-own style for your iPhone 7 Plus

For unequalled style and protection for your iPhone 7 Plus, Survivor Adventure delivers. Get three distinct looks without sacrificing 8 drop protection.


Protects your iPhone Plus from 8-foot drops.

Built to guard that new iPhone from the punishing impact of an 8 foot drop onto concrete, Adventures design meets or exceeds military standards for protection (Mil-Std 810-G). When drops happen, Griffins exclusive Impact Dispersion System keeps impact forces from from damaging your iPhone.

Three looks, one protective iPhone 7 Plus case

Survivor Adventure serves up 2 switchable backplates that let you change the look of your case. Those two snap-on backs also double the material between your phone and the outside world, making Survivor Adventure two times more protective than one-layer cases.

Ready to go ultra-light? Go ahead and snap off the backplate. You're still covered. Survivor Adventures impact-resistant polycarbonate casing keeps the back of your iPhone 7 Plus protected from scratch and dent damage.

In all, Adventures got three looks that keep your iPhone 7 Plus protected from whatever you get into.

Choose your Own Adventure

2 See-Through Backplates - HD-clarity polycarbonate backplates, in crystal Clear, Smoke or Chromium Blue, let you switch the look but never compromise on protection. You get 1 Clear back, and 1 Smoke or Chromium Blue back. Either creates a sleek, stylish look that never gets in the way of your iPhone 7 Plus great looks.

    Mix & match the backplates for three different looks:
  • Look One: Adventure Case + Crystal Clear Back Plate
  • Look Two: Adventure Case with See-Through Color Back
  • Look Three: Adventure Case Alone


1 Self-Healing Backplate + 1 See-Through Blackplate - It's called BonBon, and it's amazing. BonBons glitter-infused back is made of a unique, self-healing plastic. So no matter what life throws at it, BonBons glossy surface shrugs it off. Or change out BonBon with our see-through high-clarity polycarbonate backplate. You get both, the choice is yours.

        Mix and match the Backplates for three different looks:
      • Look One: Adventure Case + Self-Healing Back Plate
      • Look Two: Adventure Case with See-Through Color Back
      • Look Three: Adventure Case Alone


For unmatched device protection and style choice, Survivor Adventure awaits.


Product Dimensions 7.5 x 4.6 x 1.3 inches


What's in the Box

1 Case


*PhoneSmart Guarantees 100% Satisfaction and Product Authenticity, with Simple Returns. 

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