Gadget Guard - Black Ice + (Insured) Universal Liquid Screen Protector


Black Ice+ Liquid Edition melts onto your screen to fortify it against abrasions and scratches. Once our specialized nano-technology is applied to your screen it will give you up to a year of protection against air bubbles, dust, grease and smudges.



With Black Ice + Liquid Edition, your screen maintains its original feel and look while our nanotechnology and proprietary polymer align with the glass to form a hard, truly invisible shield that helps fortify your device screen. We understand that accidents can still happen, which is why we created Black Ice+ Liquid Edition, the first screen protector on the market that offers $150 to go towards screen repair if your device screen breaks.

Black Ice+ Liquid Edition, insured tempered glass protection for everyday life.**


Black Ice+ Liquid Edition covers against accidental damage to your device screen. If your device screen breaks while being protected by your registered Black Ice+ Liquidyou will receive up to $150 to go towards the repair of your phone's screen. Register your Black Ice+ Liquid within 15 days or purchase, and you’re covered!

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