Gadget Guard - Black Ice + (Insured) Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus


Protect your Apple iPhone 6s/7/8 Plus with a Black Ice Plus Insured Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Of course, Gadget Guard’s Black Ice+ optical grade tempered glass is incredibly strong, scratch resistant and repels annoying smudges. But wait! There’s more! Here’s the “PLUS”— if your device screen breaks while your Black Ice+ guard is protecting it, we’ll put our money where our protector is and send you a check to use toward replacing your device’s screen. Just follow the simple steps enclosed within the packaging and you’re covered!



This optical grade tempered glass is incredibly durable, scratch resistant and treated to repel smudges. We understand that accidents can still happen, which is why we created Black Ice+, the first screen protector on the market that offers up to $150 to go towards screen repair if your device screen breaks.

Black Ice+, insured tempered glass protection for everyday life.**


Your screen protector is custom designed to fit your screen and maintain touch sensitivity while providing you with protection from bumps, scrapes and falls.


Black Ice+ covers against accidental damage to your device screen. If your device screen breaks while being protected by your registered Black Ice+ you will receive up to $150 to go towards the repair of your phone's screen. Register your Black Ice+ within 30 days or purchase, and you’re covered!
** valid for US orders only


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*PhoneSmart Guarantees 100% Satisfaction and Product Authenticity, with Simple Returns. 

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