About Us

PhoneSmart was founded by wireless and telecom pioneers that have been in the telecommunications industry since 1988 with a belief that businesses and consumers need someone on their side.  Changes and advancements in technology, phones, plans, and accessories vary often from year to year keeping the consumers and businesses at a disadvantage just trying to keep up.  Businesses and consumers are often confused and frustrated with all of the options available in the market and often end up avoiding any changes just to "play it safe" - that's where PhoneSmart comes in!  We act on your behalf to represent your company to negotiate the best possible prices and procure the best available options in the market for you like a fine tailored suit without the “fine tailored price!”

We also procure and negotiate with accessory companies to supply the best quality products at the best available price.  All the while, without the need to have a full time telecom expert on the payroll or having to hassle with different representatives every time you need something.  We simplify and breakdown the best options and help you manage it so you can focus on your business.  We are obsessive about quality and premium service, and do not believe in charging a premium price for it.  We believe that if enough consumers know about PhoneSmart, it will be a Win/Win for everyone.​

With 26 years of experience in the wireless and telecom industry, our customers have grown to trust PhoneSmart with the intricacies of procuring and managing all aspects of their wireless, telecom, and broadband needs with efficiency, honesty, and professionalism without ever compromising quality or service.

PhoneSmart is an authorized agent for all major wireless and telecom carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cox, Time Warner Cable, and Vonage to name a few to give our customers the best unbiased options available in the market.

​Call us today at  (858) 874-8700 or email: for more information or any questions.